World Aids Day 1st December

It is ravaging some of the worlds poorest nations and leaving millions vulnerable. Thank God for the amazing groups and organisations working hard to alleviate the suffering of those with HIV/AIDS. There are ways we can get involved- see here.
This video of Archbishop Rowan Williams has some challenges for the Church..."The body of Christ is HIV positive."


The Marinade is back

beginning this Saturday 1st December. An experiment in anticipation, a reclaiming of advent, 2 minutes each day to dwell on what it is to w a i t.


Not that I think John Howard is racist, ignorant and, well, just a little bit awful or anything

but I am soooo pleased Australia has voted him out. He has probably been the worst thing to happen to the marginalised of that big country for the last 11 years. Go on, on yer bike.
New Prime Minister, Mr Rudd has this to say; "I say to all of those who have voted for us today - I will be a prime minister for all Australians; a prime minister for Indigenous Australians; Australians who have been born here and Australians who have come here from afar and contributed to this country's great diversity. "
Beautiful words that Mr Howard wouldn't have considered uttering seeing as he has only shown contempt for immigrants, refugees and the indigenous of the country. And new PM's first act is to sign the Kyoto agreement. Whoop Whoop!
Hopefully we will begin to see a more just Australian society.

In honour of Buy Nothing Day 2007

from AsboJesus whose work continues to make me laugh, grit my teeth and think. (You should definately have a squizz)


Buy Nothing Day 23rd November 2007

I love the idea of Buy Nothing Day. It is next weekend and a fab opportunity to combat consumerism! You can participate by not participating (in the shopping that is) or by doing some Jamming.
It is a good motivation to start thinking more creatively about Christmas too- not only in our presents (we all know about goats and condoms for developing nations instead of tacky crap for greedy Westerners) but even in our wrapping and waste- we throw away, in the UK, 27,000 tonnes more over Christmas.
if you want more info on Buy Nothing Day events and ideas check out this link. There is a Give or Take day happening (a grand idea) where you bring stuff and take stuff all for freeeee. See Giveortake.org
And finally, have a peek at the pig: