Who is they...

The Observer has run an expose on child slaves found sewing sequins on clothes for 2 British fashion shops.(Read it if you want to get mad.)It has been rad coming to London and knowing that so many shops are part of the Ethical Trading Initiative. But this article just highlighted to me the fact that ETI or no ETI, when you pay 2 quid for a new top (Hellooo primark) somebody somewhere is going to be ripped off, (aren't they?) and it is probably not going to be ME or YOU but a little kid in some dark back room in a stinky alleyway.
Amos of the Old Testament says "They trample on the heads of the poor as upon dust of the ground and deny justice to the oppressed." Who is they in the story of the sequin slaves?

a poppy for anzac

Today is Anzac day. We only realised when we passed the New Zealand memorial and our eyes caught the red, red poppies so we didn't make it to a dawn serivce. Husband Tim has done a fab Anzac post on his new blog (fourth attempt at being a blogger)

(This is part of the really beautiful iron southern cross memorial, more pictures are here...)


Turn the Telly Off Week begineth today...

"The remarkable thing about television is that it permits several million people to laugh at the same joke and still feel lonely." T.S. Eliot
"Each hour spent viewing television is associated with less social trust and less group membership." Robert Putman
"Television has changed a child from an irresistible force to an immovable object." Author Unknown
"Throw away your television, Make a break big intermission, Recreate your super vision now" Red Hot Chilli Peppers
"Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover." Homer Simpson, The Simpsons (hehe. this one just made me laugh)
So, I don't want to sound like George Bush but I really have some animousity towards the telly. It sucks that our children watch on average 30 hours a week and it's pretty clear it's having a devestating effect on community life. I'm with the chili peppers.
T.V Turn Off week- 23rd- 29th April


the smallest campaigner

He was 4 weeks young
At a rally hundreds strong
As we yelled for trade justice
And riled against the wrong
Of a world weighted one way
Bringing riches to the rich
While the rich are busy
With their robbery/ sales pitch.
The EU just aren’t happy
With their bulging pockets
Greedy hands
They would rather reap –
Africas desolate lands.
He was four weeks young
As he joined in the throng
Sleepily baptised in the
Justice Song.

(We went to the trade justice protest yesterday- You can see what the rally was about here. - and we took little hudson. He did have to leave early though cos his nappy leaked and wee ran down his leg.)


"How do you spell that word 'slave free'?"

If your taste for fair trade chocolate has cooled or has not yet been sparked, allow Tony Chocolonely to inspire you. This Dutch man had himself seriously sued for being a chocolate criminal -part of the modern day slavery cycle.

Tony's site is short and sweet, especially check the "Factory Facts" for his story: www.chocolonely.com


A sponge stick for Jesus

So, the other day I was pondering on the idea of Jesus followers being "in the world but not of it" (this chap goes into it well) and had a vision.
It was an image of a trifle, lots of cream and custardy goodness.
But it was especially the little sponges in the jelly that got my attention. See, before these sponges go into the trifle they are hard crunchy sticks. But after marinating in the trifles rum and gelatine they become melt in the mouth morsels. The sponge sticks expand through the bottom of the trifle and form a delish solid base to this parochial dessert.

Whadya reckon? A picture of what it is to be living and meaningful in the world -only really becoming what we are meant to be when we engage with the 'rum and gelatine'- but with our substance, our values and identity, staying the same...
No? Yeah? Too weird? Too yummy? Anyone else have any new pictures of old concepts?


Einstein made my day....

"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk?"
If anyone else is hounded by chaos and lives life in its creative wake, allow the words from this genius's mouth to be balm for the grazes inflicted by methodic managers and systematic spouses and, when required, a rebuff to their scorn.


Happy Easter!

We sung this old Salvation Army hymn at the church service today (lyrics just there in the red.) I dug it. . . I dug it because for me the fact that Jesus dying and coming back to life means "the end of mortal days", floats my boat. Do you ever sometimes wake up and think 'sheesh, life is like a shrivelled up raisin' ? (I do.) I love it that Jesus offers a way out of meaninglessness... mere mortality... simple survival... This verse is a reminder that Jesus opens the door to a life deeper and more colourful than we can imagine, a life where darkness is defeated, and where love oozes over us (and hopefully) out of us.
Happy Easter. I really pray you know the peace and freedom of the living Christ as your friend.


A Good Friday triplet...

James K. Baxter from Autumn Testament
King Jesus, after a day or a week of bitching
I come back always to your bread and salt,

Because no other man, no other God,
Suffered our pains with us minute by minute

And asked us to die with him.

Colin Mccahons Imprisonment and Reprieve

Nikos Kazantzakis from The Last Temptation of Christ

Jesus uttered a triumphant cry: "It is accomplished!" and it was as though he had said: "Everything has begun!"