"How do you spell that word 'slave free'?"

If your taste for fair trade chocolate has cooled or has not yet been sparked, allow Tony Chocolonely to inspire you. This Dutch man had himself seriously sued for being a chocolate criminal -part of the modern day slavery cycle.

Tony's site is short and sweet, especially check the "Factory Facts" for his story: www.chocolonely.com


Lard said...

Tesco's are selling Fairtrade Easter Eggs at a reduced price. A great treat and even better gift for people to give to introduce them to the world of guilt free chocolate

Glyn said...

Wow. That's incredible. Is that a movie trailer or a short film?

lucy ar said...

Mmm. I am not too sure. It says Trailer on the his site (where I got it from) but I think it is just an ad for his choc treats. (Would be awesome if it becomes a film, we can hope eh!)