Who is they...

The Observer has run an expose on child slaves found sewing sequins on clothes for 2 British fashion shops.(Read it if you want to get mad.)It has been rad coming to London and knowing that so many shops are part of the Ethical Trading Initiative. But this article just highlighted to me the fact that ETI or no ETI, when you pay 2 quid for a new top (Hellooo primark) somebody somewhere is going to be ripped off, (aren't they?) and it is probably not going to be ME or YOU but a little kid in some dark back room in a stinky alleyway.
Amos of the Old Testament says "They trample on the heads of the poor as upon dust of the ground and deny justice to the oppressed." Who is they in the story of the sequin slaves?


jo said...

Absolutely. There is always a price to be paid and if you're not paying it, someone is.
However, I just want to add that the converse isn't true. Just cos you shop in places that charge what seem like a fair price or even a high price, it doesn't mean that the workers are getting paid a fair or high wage. It's such a toughy but I guess the key is to be informed and be principled. I'm far better at getting informed than following through on that info. I'm gonna try harder.

Heather's place said...

Thanks for this link.

I'd like to know more about what I'm buying. But having a reasonably tight budget to live with its hard not to resort to the bargain shops.

I see Asda are members of the ETI. I buy quite a lot there for me and my six year old son (who is neither street-wise nor trendy yet), so I hope I can shop there with a clear conscience.

I shall spend a little more time looking into this.