the smallest campaigner

He was 4 weeks young
At a rally hundreds strong
As we yelled for trade justice
And riled against the wrong
Of a world weighted one way
Bringing riches to the rich
While the rich are busy
With their robbery/ sales pitch.
The EU just aren’t happy
With their bulging pockets
Greedy hands
They would rather reap –
Africas desolate lands.
He was four weeks young
As he joined in the throng
Sleepily baptised in the
Justice Song.

(We went to the trade justice protest yesterday- You can see what the rally was about here. - and we took little hudson. He did have to leave early though cos his nappy leaked and wee ran down his leg.)


Anonymous said...

My grandson has been 'baptised in a justice song'! I am very proud!

Anonymous said...

....and there's a photo of Lucy, Jo and Hudson on the Christian Aid site.

The Cook House said...

I've had to leave a rally for the same reasons!!! not really although protesting does get trickier the more children you've had!
My only boy dropped his pants the other day and shouted "This is for the United States Of America" so I think we have a protester in the making!!
Thanks for your comment.Stick with it. People feel threatened , so try and criticise what you do but stay...it's important.

lucy ar said...

Argh, thats well funny. Kids can be so profound at times.