Turn the Telly Off Week begineth today...

"The remarkable thing about television is that it permits several million people to laugh at the same joke and still feel lonely." T.S. Eliot
"Each hour spent viewing television is associated with less social trust and less group membership." Robert Putman
"Television has changed a child from an irresistible force to an immovable object." Author Unknown
"Throw away your television, Make a break big intermission, Recreate your super vision now" Red Hot Chilli Peppers
"Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover." Homer Simpson, The Simpsons (hehe. this one just made me laugh)
So, I don't want to sound like George Bush but I really have some animousity towards the telly. It sucks that our children watch on average 30 hours a week and it's pretty clear it's having a devestating effect on community life. I'm with the chili peppers.
T.V Turn Off week- 23rd- 29th April


Reflections said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I will turn off my television for the week, an maybe I WILL feel less lonely! It becomes sooo addicting that we forget that there are those we are forsaking in order to watch.

Anonymous said...

lucy is, while I type, making a newspaper collage cover for our TV screen - not that I wasn't completley in support of the turn the telly off week anyway!
Come on everyone - DO IT!!!

Glyn said...

I will suggest it tonight when I get in and see what reaction I get (initial prediction: I don't think it'll go down that well - I'll keep you informed)

Tim said...

...and it's turn off tinternet next week.

Glyn said...

Yeah I didn't think so.

Chell said...

Hey Lu

Good to have you back in London!!! It's nice to know that whilst many things have changed here since you have been away, my toes haven't and it is with them that you can always find your security.

Turn the telly off week sounds great...Glyn, you are dreaming if you think that you will be able to enforce that one!

John said...

Hey Lucy,

I figured you were the same Lucy I'd read some comments on some of the blogs I read. Good to hook up with you & Tim...and the others at Supper Club last night. As I said to Tim, I'll have to add you to my blogroll.