ACC, hippies and Sir Francis Drake Prayer

In Wellington staying at my best mates radical house in Petone. Just got back from this mad hippy bongo dance festival in the bush. ACC was FANTASTIC and these Strategic plan meetings are going well too. Will post more about ACC etc later, the exciting stuff pelting through my brain. Thoughts are crazy at the moment. Well need to have a good long quiet prooooocess! Will happen next week sitting in East Coast Hot pools. Mmmmm. Meanwhile, this prayer really captures my present desire.

Disturb us, O Lord, When we are too well pleased with our selves.
When our dreams come true because we have dreamed too little.
When we arrived safely because we sailed to close to the shore.

Disturb us, O Lord, when
with the abundance of things we possess
We have lost our thirst for the waters of life.
Having fallen in love with life
We have ceased to dream of eternity;
And in our efforts to build a new earth,
We have allowed our vision of the new heaven to dim.

Disturb us o Lord to dare more boldly
To venture on wider seas where you will show your mastery,
Where losing site of land we will find stars.

We ask you to push back the horizons of our hopes:
And to push into the future, in strength, courage, hope and love.


Erotica Expo

You might remember me mentioning the Erotica Expo taking place. Last year we went along and had an awesome time speaking with people, praying etc. Again this year a team went along and had another valuable day. Ashley says

"Sunday the 27th, in August, a few of us met up at the Erotica Expo to pray and handout some fliers. “Hey how are you?” was a phrase coming out of my mouth a lot as people would smile, grab the sheet of paper and walk away. It was kind of funny because people often thought they were getting another erotica freebie, but no way! They were getting God’s words of love! By the time we left, the laughing shout, “Jesus loves porn stars?!” was ringing in my head!

It was actually a pretty fantastic thing because the title of the flier caught them out, and people were reading and stoked about it. The flier went on to quote John 3:16 and talk about God’s passionate love for His world. It seemed to be foreign to most people.

There were all sorts of people - couples, teenagers, old-timers, and average joes, but at one point, as we were praying I noticed somebody I knew. It was Jesus - walking around and praying. I began to realise that any place we went to pray, God had already been. It was like we were hot on the trail Jesus was leaving! The immense love of a creator who goes to way more than just church services screams out.

No doubt the things that were being celebrated at erotica were something that broke His heart, but the people were all people He loved. Walking out of those gates I was reminded how soaked the world is in God’s love."

remember the days of the school yard

I went along on Tims geography field trip on Monday night- till last night. Studying the beautiful Waitakere ranges. It was loads of fun, his class kids are rad. But shoot, the teaching bit..... about this lower catchment and that middle catchment and the gradient and volume of the river.....
It was B O R I N G. I felt like being a rascal and running off deep in to the bush. But I resisted, and survived with our marriage intact. Phew.

Off to Melbourne this afternoon for a conference (ACC) till Friday. Then fly back into Wellington for some Territorial Strategic Mission Planning for the Army and then back up to Auckland on Sunday night. At which point Tim and I are off for a bit of a holiday on the East Coast- Hurrah!!! Can't wait.


Theology of Life

Loving reading Jurgen Moltmann at the moment. Had a dream where some random lady came up to me and told me how to pronounce his name, even though I have never heard his name in real life. And of course my dream name enlightener was correct (it is Yurgen)...

"In it's original and eternal sense, mission is God's mission (missio dei). It is only when our Christian mission follows the divine sending and corresponds to it that it is a mission with confidence in God and an assured faith. It is only when we as people follow God's mission to other people and put ourselves in line with that mission that we show respect for the dignity of others, as people created by God and made in his image; and it is only then that we shall resist the temptation to try and dominate them religiously." The Source of Life


Interesting perspective from Fidel Castro

A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.

Month of Mobilisation begins tommorrow!

The issues being covered each week are- Aid, Child Poverty, Debt and Trade.

Keep your eyes peeled on www.firezone.co.nz each week for an article. Also on that same website check out the info on White Band Day 2006- maybe you could be into win White Band Awards! hehe.

Check out each week on www.makepovertyhistory.org.nz a famous kiwi giving you the heads up on how to MakePovertyHistory. And join the campaign by texting 8644.

Leavin on a jet plane...

Booked our tickets to London today! We leave NZ on 5th Feb, to LA visiting Tims bro Andrew in San Fran for a week. Then off to Bolivia on 15th Feb, via Costa Rica and Peru. Then, a month later to Toronto. A month after that, on the 16th April, we arrive in London to do that which we hope will be revealed to us on our sojourn! (we art cluelesseth)


God makes you rich

Interesting cover story of Time magazine this week about the health n wealth/ prosperity gospel.
Its kinda freaky. That normal people believe God pops dosh in your pocket.


From the TC- YAHOO!

7 September 2006

Cabinet Members
Divisional Commanders
Regional Commander
National Managers

Dear Friends,


At a recent meeting of the Territorial Co-ordination Council it was decided that the Salvation Army in this territory endorses a 'Fair Trade' policy. Many of you already know about the concept of 'Fair Trade'. This means that when we who live in affluent countries buy goods from developing countries, as much of the profits as possible goes directly back to the producers in those poorer countries. This helps farmers and growers, it increases their standard of living and helps support their families with things we take for granted such as health and education.

The Territorial Co-ordination Council had representations made to it some months ago and asked the Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit to research and bring a report on this matter. In light of this report it is our view that 'Fair Trade' is a good policy to endorse.

I am aware that many Christians in New Zealand already make a point of looking out for the 'Fair Trade' logo when choosing 'Fair Trade' goods such as coffee, tea, chocolate etc.

Indeed, in some Salvation Army Corps and in particular the Northern Division, DHQ led the way in the use of 'Fair Trade' goods. They find the quality of fairly traded goods at least matches other commercial products and sometimes exceeds it. Sometimes the prices are slightly more.

May I request you make this Territorial policy endorsement of 'Fair Trade' known to those under your area of responsibility, with encouragement to be positively involved, so demonstrating an active Christian concern.

Thank you in anticipation.

May God bless you.

With kind regards,

Garth McKenzie


my burpday

Had a fabulous day yesterday- began with pancakes and prezzies in bed, and finished up with Wagamamas for tea and the pictures... Tim was full of treats for me. Spoke to my grandparents too, which is always very special. And saw a photo of my two best pals in London, the twins, with their baby bumps!


He tangata

Are the concepts of democracy and the Priesthood of all Believers (an integral Salvation Army/protestant belief) the same?

Perhaps- one being of a polictical source, the other a spiritual/theological source.....
At least to the extent that our belief in the Priesthood of all Believers should/would lead to a democratic church/movement?

What do you think? What are the similarites/differences/implications?


2 Fanstastic bits of news!

1: The NZ Salvation Army territorial leadership has made an official decision in support of Fair Trade. Finally!
2: My sister Jo and her husband Steve are having a baby in April!

Jampacked weekend and confused thoughts about the Salvation Army

Had a brilliant weekend, really busy but fab. Tims rugby prizegiving on Friday night, fundraising at the 2nd Store on Sat, (got some beautiful new drapes for a buck!) then had divisional youth event: Area 7 run by the Browns Bay church youth which was fantastic, such a real and authentic God experience.

Then spoke at Rec Church on Sunday morning, about global injustice and fair trade- it was great, had a giant discussion, Q and A time and it was apparent that people had taken it on and were really thinking about it. Then lunch at church, afternoon tea with a fab couple from Rec, tea with parents in law. Phew. Lots of delicious food and company!

The whole weekend was smattered with conversations about Chick Yuill and the Salvation Army. It's a bit of the hard old week for Salvationists I think. Lots of confused thoughts. On one hand, something like that doesn't really effect the grassroots stuff, whats going on out here in my little patch type thing. But then The Salvation Army's leadership and their decisions reflect the nature of the very organisation we belong too. Do I want to belong to an orgnisation like that?


democracy and a few perhapses....

Our visit to the council’s economic development committee went well yesterday- it was a bit nerve wracking (and embarrassing cos my whole face was peeling big chunks of leprosy skin from my recent sunburn) but was a success. They instantly met 2 of the 3 things they have to do to enable Auckland to become a Fair trade town.

It was an inspiration in democracy. They have a person whose entire role is to coordinate democracy. Every month the public can meet the mayor one on one to discuss issues, and members of the public can tootle along to meetings like yesterday and perch them selves in the back and choose to speak in the “Public Forum” which is an open space set aside at the start of each meeting.

The Salvation Army needs processes like this! It reflects the idea that everyone is equal and has something important to bring, holds decision makers accountable to the proles and creates a safe space for gripes to be dialogued about publicly (transparency)

Although, 90% of the time it may only be token gestures, there will be moments that these democratic process count Big Time.

If these sort of processes were in place perhaps international leaders would be more aware of real life, gritty warfare, perhaps power wouldn’t corrupt so easily and perhaps people like the radical forward thinking Salvation Army Leader Chick Yuil wouldn’t feel led to resign….


What do you think?

Yesterday, for a very good reason, Tim and I were brought to discussing the monolithic machine we belong to: The Salvation Army.

While there are hundreds of wonderful kingdom revealing things about the Army at grassroots level as a system it is highly bureaucratic/autocratic/undemocratic and, undoubtedly at times and in spaces, corrupt.

We ended on the question:

Would Jesus belong to the Salvation Army?!

What do you think? Would Jesus belong to any denomination? Is it a silly question?


it was a spectacular day up the mountain but

blue skies+bright sun+reflective snow+goggles+no suncreen=
A very burnt nose and bottom half of face and very white eyes. Today I was going to paint the white bit black and feign to be an Incredible. I might have to do that when I meet the Mayor again on Wednesday. Wah.


from rampant.co.nz

what is your perspective?

aahhh. finally.

A trip to the snow. Beginning tonight. To spend the Weekend with fab sis n bro in law, Kyle and Hania at their whare at Blue Mountain Adventure Centre.
And a splash of snowboarding might be found. Oh, Hallelujah to that!