Erotica Expo

You might remember me mentioning the Erotica Expo taking place. Last year we went along and had an awesome time speaking with people, praying etc. Again this year a team went along and had another valuable day. Ashley says

"Sunday the 27th, in August, a few of us met up at the Erotica Expo to pray and handout some fliers. “Hey how are you?” was a phrase coming out of my mouth a lot as people would smile, grab the sheet of paper and walk away. It was kind of funny because people often thought they were getting another erotica freebie, but no way! They were getting God’s words of love! By the time we left, the laughing shout, “Jesus loves porn stars?!” was ringing in my head!

It was actually a pretty fantastic thing because the title of the flier caught them out, and people were reading and stoked about it. The flier went on to quote John 3:16 and talk about God’s passionate love for His world. It seemed to be foreign to most people.

There were all sorts of people - couples, teenagers, old-timers, and average joes, but at one point, as we were praying I noticed somebody I knew. It was Jesus - walking around and praying. I began to realise that any place we went to pray, God had already been. It was like we were hot on the trail Jesus was leaving! The immense love of a creator who goes to way more than just church services screams out.

No doubt the things that were being celebrated at erotica were something that broke His heart, but the people were all people He loved. Walking out of those gates I was reminded how soaked the world is in God’s love."


Anonymous said...

Amen Sister thats genius but i dont think ive heard bout that expo :-? coz i only be a christian for a year and a half but whats that got to do with the cost of eggs i'm in the Salvation army winning the world for God and i know Christ and thats all hey ;)

have a good one

Much Luv
p.s. Check out mah blog!

JoJo said...

Once again, that's just awesome. One of my favourite things in the whole of the Alove stuff is the definition of mission - 'going into the world to find and point out Jesus' (we had a test at the office just before the launch. I revised and everything but then there was never a prize. Do still remember them all though. Geek.).
Ashley got it spot on eh? There's nowhere where Jesus isn't already at work, nowhere he isn't - sometimes people just need someone to point Him out. What an amazing way and place to do that. I am so proud that I share some of my genes with you Lucy.

fee said...

hey lucy,
just reading your blog and saw that you are coming to toronto next year! hopefully i'll still be here.. that is the plan...but you never know, this time last year (at the beginning of ACC) i had no idea i'd be in toronto right now myself...
hope you are well.