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7 September 2006

Cabinet Members
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Dear Friends,


At a recent meeting of the Territorial Co-ordination Council it was decided that the Salvation Army in this territory endorses a 'Fair Trade' policy. Many of you already know about the concept of 'Fair Trade'. This means that when we who live in affluent countries buy goods from developing countries, as much of the profits as possible goes directly back to the producers in those poorer countries. This helps farmers and growers, it increases their standard of living and helps support their families with things we take for granted such as health and education.

The Territorial Co-ordination Council had representations made to it some months ago and asked the Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit to research and bring a report on this matter. In light of this report it is our view that 'Fair Trade' is a good policy to endorse.

I am aware that many Christians in New Zealand already make a point of looking out for the 'Fair Trade' logo when choosing 'Fair Trade' goods such as coffee, tea, chocolate etc.

Indeed, in some Salvation Army Corps and in particular the Northern Division, DHQ led the way in the use of 'Fair Trade' goods. They find the quality of fairly traded goods at least matches other commercial products and sometimes exceeds it. Sometimes the prices are slightly more.

May I request you make this Territorial policy endorsement of 'Fair Trade' known to those under your area of responsibility, with encouragement to be positively involved, so demonstrating an active Christian concern.

Thank you in anticipation.

May God bless you.

With kind regards,

Garth McKenzie


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lu. Just think how many peeps are going to be helped. It makes a difference. Don't stop!