God makes you rich

Interesting cover story of Time magazine this week about the health n wealth/ prosperity gospel.
Its kinda freaky. That normal people believe God pops dosh in your pocket.


Caron said...


I've stumbled across your blog a couple of times now dear cousin so thought it's time I should leave a message to say I've visited! I can understand alot of what you've said about the army in your last couple of post but don't have the thological mind or the passion (which is said) to comment about it. But well done with the fair trade thing, lets hope it will be implented.

Hope you and tim are good, looks like your both really busy over there!

love Caron

Stevo said...

Someone once told me that he agreed with 99% of the Prosperity gospel doctrine, he only felt those who follow/teach have one thing wrong, and that was a timing issue. You have to wait 'till you're dead (and in heaven of course)

JoJo said...

Just read the article. It's a good un I think. I wish the British press could report so objectively and intelligently about what is going on in the Christian church. I am of the camp that just finds the prosperity gospel not only unhelpful but downright offensive. I know of no other theology that flies so blatently in the face of all the the Bible writing followers of God and then future Christians have experienced.
I also am frustrated that we allow little bits of it in easily - like the,'give 10% cos God will give more than that back to you.' It's like saying that is the only way you can get people to give. Just utter crapness. So there we go.
Boy, am I in a ranting mood today. Hope no-one says anything even remotely controversial in the office today. I might say something I'll later regret.