in the world but not of it thanks

Had the most relaxing weekend ever, praise Jesus! The sun shone and we had a rather delicious time of eating pancakes, biking around, fun with friends and whanau. Deeelicious. Watched The Corporation last night, wicked film, massively makes you think, big time recommend it- check the link, heaps of educational stuff. Radical.

Tim and I were shocked by a simple truth in our bible study on Saturday:
"Jesus asks us to be in the world but not of the world" and prays this will be a reality (Jn 17:14-19)
"In the world" We are to be close to people, involved in their struggles. Close to them so there is no unnecessary communication gaps between Christians and non-Christians. This will involve being where they are. Today, this meas their workplaces, their social clubs, sports teams, pubs, streets. Where ever the people are.
but "Not of the world" While being in the world and involved in it, our identity is sourced from the ethos of Christ. Christ practiced a radical set of values that included simplicity, community, shargin and liberating involvement. A value system "not of the world" which can be built into our lifestyle.
But do we sometimes get it back to front?
"Of the world" Following its values, letting it be the source of our dreams and visions for the future. No different in our foundations from the secular world.
"Not in the world" Living our day to day lives away from others. Involved in our own church programmes, creating our own church culture."
From Living Simply by Murray Sheard (availible from Tearfund)

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