Mr G

A lady just called from a Fair Trade company over here and said that a manager from a Fair Trade Tea Plantation in Sri Lanka, Mr G, was coming to our Fair Trade morning tea (check the poster) on Saturday, and would we like him to share his story! Wicked ay!

Thi is a bit from Mr G's bio:

"The plantation workers were given slave type of living conditions, confined to less 100 square feet of living area in which they were cramped and struggled to make a daily living with out the basic facilities. From my school days I have seen the plight of this ill treated people and made it my aim to help them rise from their suffering ridden environment.

We have tried and achieved to at least to extend our dream of elevating dignity, freedom, equal status, Education ,Health and better living standards with all the basic facilities.

A run down tea factory and estate at Idulgashinna has been today transformed into showcase tea producing tea factory where the pioneer organic tea is being produced and exported to all over the world. With all international standards certificates being achieved this factory has become the benchmark for the Sri Lankan tea plantation sector. The employees of this plantation and factory who are from the community are given every opportunity to earn a higher wage and thereby given economic and social upliftment."

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