taha maui

Tim and I went to our first Tikanga/Te reo Maori class last night- Maori language and culture. It was wicked ay, such a wide variety of people- all ages, all ethnicities, all motivations. Heaps of people just saw it as important to know, appreciate and understand the indigenous culture. Kia Ora and Amen to that.

Stayed up late making my sign for the graduation march (see post below somewhere) it says “The worlds three richest people control more wealth than the 600 million poorest” and on the other side “USE YOUR BRAIN FOR CHANGE” (haha when I first typed that it said “use your Brian for change”- but what if I don’t know a Brian!)
It is on wall paper with felt tip pens, and I am gonna put it on 2 big bamboo sticks. I think it’s a bit lame but Tim says its pretty. I hope it doesn’t rain because it will drip on my head and I will have a rainbow face. I am not convinved about mooning at the graduation ceremony, and Tim is not convinced about blowing a hooter and letting down a banner, so we are stil working on another awareness creating stunt.
The NZ 2006 Budget comes out tomo… we might do another protest at parliament about the lack of foreign aid and reflection on NZ poor (which will be missing, guaranteed). So off to Wellington for a few days tonight: Haere Ra, kia kaha and keep it radical, cuzzys.



Anonymous said...

wow your so prolific, i haven't blogged for ages coz im single and thus nothing interesting ever happens to me - jokes...

my mate was in wellington too, and was wondering what you crazy cats were up to with that sign, GO YOU!

I stayed on a marae last week, and getting in touch with Maori people is very good, very cool thing to do.

lucy AR said...

yeah, i totally noticed your lack of blogging, i thought it might be cos there is such an abundance of interesting things happening to you that blogging is least of your priorites!
haha, thats rad bout your pal. tims rugby mate's girlfriend recognised him too when she was down there.