digging dietrich again

One of the main reasons I am loving Dietrich is because he is utterly surrendered to the idea that restoration occurs through God only, and motivated singuarly by the reconciling work of Jesus, yet doesn't take it as a chance to chill and get spiritual. His faith (rightly) compels him to massive, significant action.

People/organisations/churches are divided into faith or action catagories ay... forsaking personal spiriuality for responsible deeds or vice versa. (Well, I know I do that, for sure). Even though, it is as clear as the day that they are intimately tied.

It's not reassuring, either, that James was addressing this tension 2000 years ago, argh. I feel as though Dietrich Bonheoffer is an example of holding the right tension... but am yet to really find out how he did this in other than ethereal terms....

check Jo's comments on the last post.

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