sheeps n goats

Been thinking about Matt 25 a bit. “Just as you not do it to the least of these, you did not do it to me”…
I am reading Gods Politic's by Jim Wallis at the moment. It is a flipping great book., not just for Americans or people into politics at all. But anyway, he discusses Matt 25, with a brilliant story about his pal Mary Glover, who he used to run the food line/soup kitchen with. Before opening the food line each lunchtime she would pray “Lord we know you’ll be coming through this line, so lord, help us to treat you well”.
Someone wrote a song about Mary Glover:
“I’m a coal black Jesus with a hole in his shoes,
On a D.C street with no more to lose,
Get into line and there you’ll stand
And sing “Sweet Mother Mary, put some food in my hand”

I guess its what NZ Poet, J.K Baxter was getting at too with his Maori Jesus.

What’s Jesus getting at with this story…. Is it about judgement? Or is it illustrating right priorities here on earth? Or both? Or is it about knowing God i.e- our knowing God leads to right action toward the least of these? (As a friend put it on Saturday night) Or Jesus’ location?

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Anonymous said...

or maybe jesus isn't a physical entity but an idea or concept which is found in the simplicity of love and joy - found in those who have the least but embody these simple truths. And maybe we just have to embody these simple qualities to find life.

and maybe im playing the liberal advocate