graduation exploits

Well, graduation was a raving success. We had these fab banners and I carried mine in the parade while Tim ran on ahead to critical high points and corners so as to wave it around as all the graduands passed him. He was the total veteran activist.
People dug it! Talking to us about it and cheering, I think there was a general consensus that indeed brains should be used to make a difference in this corrupt world, thanks. At the end of the parade we amassed in the square and for a speech by the deputy mayor who said “I see a sign out there that says Use your brain for change (it was about 2 metres in front of his face) and its so true, we must take it into the organisations and institutions and bring about positive change”: he loved it.
While he was speaking Tim was up behind the band and academics waving his huge banner, it was awesome. I was totally proud.
I left my hat in the car so I was the only one with a bare head in the parade. But I think my banner compensated for it.
The rest of our 3 day excursion in Wellington was spent drinking delicious coffee in Cafes and reading (Tim: Da Vinci Code, Lucy: Reader in Social Christianity and Dicken's The Curiosity Shop). Oh, what a beauty. That is my dream activity. I have the most amazing friends down there, hanging with them was sooo wicked.
Here are some pics of the parade:
Outside my old flat
Walking on Lambton Quay

"I see a sign out there..."

None of us could figure out what was with the bag pipes.

Then I did a speech.(Just kidding)


JoJo said...

Fab news. I've been eagerly checking your blog all weekend in order to find out if you were arrested or something. Glad you weren't and that your message was so loud and clear. The banner definitely more than compensated for a bare head. Nice job Tim too.

Tim said...

Forgive me for sharing this as a comment, but I couldn’t find an email link on your page.

So I’m at this big divisional event on Saturday when your parents walk up to me and say, “Hey, noticed that you commented on our daughter’s blog.”

Wow! What a small world! I had no idea that John and Anne were your parents!

Guess I’ll have to watch what I say from here on out. : )

lucy AR said...

Hey Tim. Rad- fabulous parents they are too!
Enjoying your blog too, bro.(sure that song was superperstition though!)