bringing home the bacon and breaking up the bike

This week I started a new job at Oxfam GB co-ordinating their Outreach programme, part of the mobilising-youth-to-act-on-global-poverty strand of the organisation. I love it. It is, however, in Oxford. A 4 hour a day commute. I could knock it down to 3 hours with a bike, so yesterday we invested in a 30 year old green folder which is rather retrotastic and goes like the wind (or at least a breezey whisper.)
So don't ask me why at this very moment Tim is out the back taking it apart with his pocket knife and a teaspoon under the guise of "adding new inner tubes".


Lard said...

Well Done on the new job!
3hrs on a bike! I would vomit a lung doing that.
Have you considered using witchcraft?

lucy ar said...

wowza, three hours on a bike I would vomit my entire insides. it is an hour on the train each way and only about 30 minutes cycling, but, sheesh, it still adds up to over 15 miles a day, so some kind of teleportation would be The Absolute Ticket!

The Cook House said...

I'm so glad you've cleared that up. I was imagining a motor bike ( a folding motorbike..woah) and my mothering insticts went haywire!!!
Am so pleased for you. Joanna's friend Jill goes to Greenbelt and is well worth a call