A beacon of hope

We went and saw the new Nelson Mandela statue in Parliament Square last week, which the man himself came to unveil. The bronze sculpture is full of passion- in contrast to most of the others around the square with their elegant stature. It was really moving standing in front of the imploring figure, arms open, face appealing and knowing what Mandela has acheived. At the unveling he said "Though this statue is of one man, it should in actual fact symbolise all of those who have resisted oppression, especially in my country." Good old Gordon Brown finished up the ceremony with some truth when he said “This statue is a beacon of hope. It sends around the world the most powerful of messages: that no injustice can last for ever, that suffering in the cause of freedom will never be in vain.”


Anonymous said...

"A beacon of hope"? certainly not for any English person, I find this statue offensive and should be removed to ANC soil ASAP.

Glyn Harries said...

Ha ha! Well said anonymous. It's a shame that not more people have the courage to make such ridiculous statements without any kind of justification. And to do so anonymously? Brilliant! Bravo anonymous, bravo.

lucy ar said...

Offensive. Riiiggght. Because...?

John said...

Thanks for this post Lucy.

Having grown up knowing about Mandela first as a prisoner, then as a focus for our protests against the evils of apartheid, then as a free man, then as the President - it's nothing short of miraculous.


John said...

BTW, Lucy..I really like the pic of Nelson & his statue.

Is that one of your own? It's excellent.


lucy ar said...

Hey John, indeed,miraculous it is. Picture is thanks to the guardian. Tis a nice one.