empty boots

Bo Brekke, leader of the Salvation Army, was killed last week. His premature death will be felt intensely by his family and friends, and also from the global community. Brekke had a passion for those on the margins and this was reflected massively in his work from his establishing of the Salvation Army Fair Trade gift chain, Sally Ann, to his writing. If you have the time give his article, We are the Poor, a read.

Joe Mitty was the man who set up the first Oxfam Charity shop and who has played a critical role in fighting global poverty ever since has passed away at 88. Although his death was not such a shock, he too will leave holes in the fabric of the fight for justice. A few years ago Mitty was describing his inexperience for such a role but went on to say "But I had two words - Rage, and Passion. Rage because of the inequality and injustice in the world, and a Passion to do something about it.”

I admire and honour these two guys. I am praying for those who are mourning and also that people will stand up with their passion and rage and fill these two pairs of now empty boots.

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