The Olympic Flame in Paris

Allo allo- those French know how to protest! Amazing amazing footage and powerful report here.
And San Fran already getting their banners out on the bridge. CCOME ON!
San Francisco will bring it. I watch in anticipation as people across the world speak out for our "One Dream"- of human rights for all.PS- And also, it was weird today as Tim and I had a few conversations with people being "disappointed" with the 'violent protests' of yesterday, and the way the press has portrayed it- it is as if we were igniting cars. I feel so sad about that- is a "peaceful protest" one that simply stays behind the barricades? Yesterday no one was threatened, assaulted, no property damaged, nothing thrown.... It was confrontational and it crossed boundaries but it was far from violent. (Apart from the coppas picking us up and flicking us off like flies!) To be sure, I can imagine admirable saints of old having a grand old stomp and shout about oppression and injustice.


laura said...

Hey Lucy,

I love your blog...it keeps me going not only during the hours I have to spend at my computer finishing dissertations and work but also mentally and emotionally as I learn of things at uni. As you must, a lecture on poverty or the climate of world politics fills me with anger and sadness and a need to do something physical there and then, and so i thank you for providing information and ideas as to how to be that change needed. I am sorely lacking however the knowledge as to where and when protests and screenings etc take place (I only saw Sundays on my way to church and so after it had all been done) and so, if its not too much trouble, or you could point me in the right direction as to where I can get information and a reminder that these things are going on?
Hope the dissertation and coursework is going well, not long left now! Thank you again,


lucy ar said...

Hey Laura, thanks for your lovely comment! Have we met? (Your profile was unviewable so I am trying to place you?)
It can be a mission keeping tabs on whats going on, and theres no one stop shop for it (although theres an idea www.allprotests.com teehee) You might have seen the social action calender linked on the right, there are some dates on that which will inevitably be surrounded with events and happenings. So when I know a key day is coming I scope it out. Another option might be to decide the issues that you are passionate about and then sign up to the relevant organisations newsletter and they will let you know key campaigning info. Apart from those two little tips I think the only other thing is keeping your ear to know the ground and your eyes peeled: being fully aware of whats going on currently around us in the world. (Although I know as a student that is hard, you read all day and don't want to work your way through a newspaper when you get home!)
All the best with your studies- keep being stirred!

laura menary said...

Hi Lucy,

we've met once before, at roots last year? we were both on the engage team although stationed at the two different sites, it was a while ago so i wont be offended if you dont remember!
thanks for all your great advice, i tried looking up allprotests.com but nothing came up although will keep searching around, or if ive spelt it wrong, if you could then push me in the right direction, that would be brilliant! and thanks for your encouragement, i will be signing up to more stuff today whilst taking a break from all this work!hope yours is going well today, enjoy your readings!

lucy ar said...

Oh hey Miss Menary! yeah I was pretty sure you were the only Laura I knew at Uni but I thought you had a blog? so then thought that it mustn't have been you.

www.allprotests.com doesn't exist but it should!! A place where all worthy events and marches can be posted across the world, twould be rad.

See you at this roots?