A new home

This week we are moving in, along with two friends, to Nine- a flat at the back of our church. We have spent the best part of a year turning this derelict dump into livable lodgings, putting up new walls, pouring paint everywhere and ferreting around the streets and skips of london for household goods (We got some awesome carpet that way.) Finally we are ready to move in! We are pretty excited. Our hope is that it will be a loving home of:
simple living
responsible living
generous living
radical living...

It is based up in Soho so engaging with the community will be exciting but pretty challenging. We'll be taking it pretty slowly and seeing what happens.

We are inspired by:
New Monasticism
Boiler Rooms
and all the other little homes around the world that are carving out alternative ways of living in their community.

A wholly new chapter begins...


Johnny said...

...exciting times ahead!

Peace & blessings


AmieB said...

yea man thats very cool.. and not jsut cool because these ideas are becoming popular... but becuase... becuase we were made for /to be with/ to enjoy/etc communtiy :)

thoughts of love from NZ!

Estelle said...

Hey Lucy - heard of some friends that have bought a car together with their neighbours who aren't even Christians. Hurrah!

lucy ar said...

Thanks for the thoughts, guys.

Ah, car sharing thats awesome. the next level of goodness is bike sharing- tandem with your neighbours! Nice one!