bit of an update

Phewza (Bit of a new word, a phew mixed with wowza, making it a high energy sigh.)
The exams are over, 5 of the bad boys, and I am pretty stoked with how they went.
I had a day off yesterday and then got stuck into my dissertation today, a huge meaty topic which I question choosing but am really interested in, it goes something like: Does the concept of global citizenship hold potential to impact on global inequality?
Yeah. I know.
Anyway, Some cool stuff has been happening.
  • We (the flatmates and I) did a thing at the church next door for International Childrens Day, it was an interactive look and pray at children in the world. It went really well.
  • We are having a house warming on Saturday, if anyone's around? There's a circus theme going on. That'll be fun.
  • We are trying to go to France next week, for a break. We really, really want to go swimming.
  • We have an amazing group of friends who come over every couple of weeks for discussion, we are using Ched Myers Sabbath Economics stuff. It is heavy lifestyle/social justice stuff. Tuesday was environmental and was very cool.
  • We prayer walk around the neighbourhood on a Friday at 6:30 and then normally come back here for beans on toast if anyone fancies coming? It is a cool time to just reflect on the happenings of the area, which you don't normally tend to do when just going to the market for vege's for tea.
  • Shelley and Tim did a photo shoot around Soho to show at church the other week, its pretty nice. Here it is:


Jacob said...

Hey Lucy!

That Sabbath Economics seems pretty exciting - I just did a bunch of study around Luke 4:16-21 and got very excited. Is Chad related to Bryant? Bryant Myers is (I think) head of development at World Vision and I used one of his books as a textbook last year - its fantastic.

Cool photo shoot Tim.

Glad to hear you guys are well.

Malcolm Irwin said...

Dead keen on staying in the loop of your thinking on global citizenship. Sounds good. Jeffrey Sachs, 2008, Common Wealth, Economics for a Crowded Planet, is a good starting point.

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Justin said...

has the nomie bomb hit you yet!