Tis the season ....

5 reasons for me to be jolly:

  • Today's climate change march... thousands of people joyfully dancing through the streets of London to the sound of drums and chanting.
  • Wednesday's Fair Christmas Fayre. One Lord Mayor. 2 singing beauties. 8 brass bands men. 50 friends. 550 Fair Trade cupcakes. 1000 strangers. 10,000 fair trade gifts. 16,000 free chocolate bars. Brilliant.
  • This article in New Scientist- Happiness spreads through social networks to such an extent that a friend of a friend can effect your happiness by up to 6%!!! It is a social responsibility to smile!
  • Going to NZ on Monday... for 6 weeks.... the sun! The sea! Weddings! Friends! Family! 24 hours sitting down and actually doing nothing!
  • Google tells me that Word Aids Day was the most googled thing this week.... humankind does care.

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