diverted blogging energies

My energy for blogging is short-termly diverted to The Marinade, so I um really don't have anything insightful to say. Sorry for wasting your mouse click!

Big News in that the kaivata conference has been postponed till 08 cos of the escalating political situ in Fiji. Man, they need our prayers. Kaivata has been one of my main focuses for the year, so that truly sucketh.
However... it does mean we are going to try and make it back to Engies earlier. I am well homesick at the moment. One of my best friends just had the crunchiest wee girl called Lola.

Your prayers would be muchly appreciated to the max as we are in big poos with our passports and Tims visa- i.e, we are never going to get them in time without a miracle. (Please God!) WAH!

I am going to post tomorrow about why Starbucks make furious, enraged smoke blow out of my ears. Its a real long one, to make up for my recent lack.

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