"Where the spirit of God is there is freedom!"

Happy Freedom Day! I hope you have all enjoyed your celebration of the anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade act! Bono says... "Freedom has a scent like the top of a new born babies head." I love that.
I smelt the newest baby head ever a couple of days ago, fresh out of my sister's womb, when Hudson was hatched. It has to be one of the happiest, sweetest and most energising smells ever! I love him!
I'm stoked to have the happiness, sweetness and energy that my own internal and external freedom brings. But I don't want to get lazy with that freedom, which it's so easy to do, eh.
Like Jesus I want to be about freedom for the 20 million captives around the world. Yup.
So, keep radical in your pursuit of freedom, justice and hope for all people, not just cos it smells good but because that stuff is the stuff of God's heart.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy,
so good to see that Hudson has arrived safe and sound and oh so adorable.
We are all ok. Daryl is loving his time in Rwanda although the situation is hard and heartbreaking. His blog is
if you want to check it out.
Big hug to you both, sure do miss you at The Meeting House.

The Cook House said...

Hey Lucy Read, It's Mel Cook here.
Remember WBMTC many moons ago? You are looking great and you sound like you are having a fine time. I bumped into your folks at Roots last year and Jo at some other place. Congrats on becoming an auntie, he's a very sweet little thing. We have four of them now although not as small, Tilly, Cecily, William and Betsy,aged from 2 to 12. Hamish is STILL at the Training college and I am Still' stay at home Mel'.
Give my love to Jo and your mum and dad and those lovely twins.
Big Love
Mel x