I heart San Francisco

What a charming town! Yesterday Andrew took us on a wee tour around the place... it was fab eating crab meat and sourdough bread on pier 39 (with Ben and Jerrys for pudding) and seeing some rad views. Intensely cold for our systems though, which have gotten fairly used to 30-40 degrees! In fact, I am crook today. It is great practice for in-the-minuses-Canada though. Had coffee in "Coffee for the people" on Haight St, which is so my favourite place. Organic and Fair Trade and fully using their space for inspiring action and raising awareness on issue. Love Love Love. Their sticker wall will be fuel for my blog for many months to come! Off to visit Salvation Army 614 Toronto tommorrow, which will be really great. Except we forgot to email the guy we are hoping to stay with, um, till this morning. So....
Anyway, San Fran, come on down:
The Bushman- a hilarious larrykin that hides behind his twigs and Boos daydreaming pedestrians!

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Glyn said...

Hey cool pics. Particularly like the Bushman. Hope the travelling is going well.