A weekend in Southport

We have just spent the weekend at a Salvation Army conference, Roots. It began 13 years ago in the wopwops of Wales, so I was 11 years old at the first one. I can really only remember two things- the pink denim shorts I wore constantly and one time walking past a big tinted window, curiously pressing my face up to it to see what lay behind and then being well embarrassed when I realised I was peering into the Adult main session from the window just above the stage. Eek. In hindsight I suspect the shame was unnecesary seeing as they were probably far too busy with the Holy Spirit to notice little freckle face up there. (This was the momentous meeting of The Salvation Army and the Toronto Blessing.)I loved that weekend, for the first time in my life God was close and exciting.
From its umble charismatic beginnings Roots has quickly burgeoned into an institution in itself, with people attending in their thousands.
This was my first one for six years and Tim and I were on the Engage Team in the Youth Venue. Our thing was to hang out in the campsite and outside the venue, trying to connect with the young people that for whatever reason weren't into the meetings. Our mission was to make sure that every young person that came along to Roots, whether they got involved or not, went home with a corner of an idea about how much God loves them. We chatted our socks off, played vortex, cracked jokes and drank bucket loads of tea and it could be up there with one of the best conferences I have been to in 13 years!
Lifelong friend and ministry tool of the Roots Engage Team.


Stevo said...

O beloved Vortex, where art thou - I think it got nicked.

Glyn Harries said...

Hey remember that time when we picked up a bunch of maggots and put them in our pockets and then your mum told us we had to take them out before we got on the minibus? Hehe. Priceless. I don't think I'll ever forget that.

Really cool seeing you and Tim this weekend. Will have to have a proper catch up soon.

jo said...

Lucy and I were pondering on that very moment just a week ago. We were in the park sitting under what we thought was a lovely tree which actually turned out o be a maggot tree. A maggot fell on our rug and I ran away. I'm muchly ashamed that I didn't pick my son up first. Nor did I go back for him until Steve reminded me that he was still under the tree of maggots. I just ran away. I hated maggots back on that day in Crystal Palace park and I hate them now. Ming.

Timmy Magic said...

Yo Lucy!


That's where yo picture is at - so link from there

lucy ar said...

Thanks for that timmy magic!
Well, maggots eh, what can i say. what golden treasures we have in our memory bank.
Me and Barkers were also remembering the time when we played rounders and I knocked that wee chap Gareth around the head with the bat and cracked his head open. I wonder what became of all those fellow college kids eh.

jo said...

We should stat a college kids group on facebook. I don't know how to do that so can't. Though I'm not sure I would want some of our memories to be public. I'm ashamed (persil).

The Cook House said...

OOOOh Lucy!
I can't believe it was you with the bat! What a hit.I think we saw the bone! Yeuch.
I remember Debbie running away and screaming the loudest and she was being payed.
I often wonder if Mr G Harries has ever forgiven a certain youth worker for leaving him at the zoo???!!!
Nice to see you at the weekend

lucy ar said...

We have now got a College kids group on facebook.com to share some more of these fond moments, so join up. (Mel it would be fabulous to have you as an honorary college kid even though you were much more of a college grown up. a few of the mel fan club are on there already!)