whatsa goon on

We have been in England for coming up to 2 months now. Tim has been busy supply teaching and applying for jobs... Meanwhile I have been um.. sort of er... Doing Stuff. I am in a bit of a space where I am sussing out where I want to be heading... the sphere of social justice without a doubt but whether local ( policy/ inclusion etc) or global (development and global politics) I just can't pin it. Last year I had the freedom in both my roles to have my thumb in both plums. (Did I make that phrase up)
So while I figure this out I am basically spending my time on Facebook and Blogger. Just kidding (for the most part). I have also been doing some art for a couple of ventures, been a committed Aunty to Hudson Taylor, attended any radical event I can (today and tommorrow it is an Oil and Politics Conference), been a long lost friend to my London pals, and next Tuesday I am joing Oxfam in their London office as their Campaigns Outreach Coordinator 2 days a week. I am real amped about this- the campaigns at the moment include stuff like Climate Change, Arms Control, Debt, education for all amongst others, and it is basically growing awareness of the subjects, empowering current campaigners and inspiring the public to action. Yeha, can't wait.
So, thats the haps, if you were curious and all that!

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