aviation hesitation

There has been some debate over here lately about the Live Earth Concerts - gigs to create awareness of climate change. You know, how does flying crowds of stars around the planet justify the awareness raised? etc etc. And fair enough too. I remember being rather disillusioned at the U2 concert standing before so many crates worth of equipment with Bono perched on top casting a vision of poverty eradication knowing full well the impact of his tour on climate change, and knowing full well that climate change hits the words poor the hardest and the first.
I thought it so sucked. And then I jumped on a plane across the world with several short hauls imbetween!
It is like, we are prepared to do the easy (sorting through our rubbish) and even the fasionable (the Anna Hindmarch bag, the bike with a basket (man, I want one))but not the things that are really hard.

Video from Plane Stupid a group and site worth checking out.


samuel willoughby said...

you´re still going on about the bike with the basket! by the way, after 2 jet lagged night in buenos aires, I arrived in Mexico about 8 hours ago. Ciao.

lucy ar said...

hmm yeah. it is not a very momentous life ambition to have a bike with a basket is it.
but anyway hurray mehico rrrreeba!!