Last year I tried to grow two plants. It wasn't too great a success (see post I Kill Things)However I am giving it another crack and can proudly say I have owned 5 wonderful herbs for over 4 days now and they are all still alive.
I also ordered 5 tomato plants from ebay which when they turned up were a bit too tiny to expect anything on my plate any time soon (like 2 cm tall, I was gutted) so I asked Tim to pick me up a couple of bigger ones from the garden centre yesterday. He bought home another 6. So, er, now I have 11 tomato plants. (Give me a ring if you are making a salad in a month or so...)
And I just put some garlic in some soil to see what happens.
I have plans for an adventurous roof top garden with all sorts of edible delights and I have been dreaming about beds of potatos and stawberries and juicy carrots and designing greenhouses from recycled materials. I was greatly encouraged in my scheme when I wandered past a flash block of flats down the road the other day that had 5 ginourmous posh pots outside with nothing in that came to belong to my tomato plants (I asked a builder.)
So, I will let you know from time to time how the second furrow into botanics goes, and of course, do let me know a hot tip if you have one as I don't want to kill things this time.

6 wonderful little things in posh pot from down the road


Timmy Magic said...

I don't eat salad but when your plants become fruitful I will be more than happy to say "Lucy - you have lovely tomatoes"

I am affirming like that...

samuel willoughby said...

Lucy, I don't know why, but this post made me particularaly happy, and enveous. Oh well, I suppose they will have some good vegetable markets in Mexico.

The Cook House said...

I just harvested some potatoes!!!7 to be exact.
May you too have rich pickings and thank the Lord for the vege box scheme!
Mel x

lucy ar said...

7 well for goodness sakes how fabulous!
thanks friends for your comments i feel encouraged and will give you all a tomato for that. (sam yours might be a bit sort of flat)