addicted to oil

This is a fab little video from Good mag.

You know, I really dislike glad wrap/ cling film. I really do think our grandchildren one day will look at us in disbelief and say "You used up the oil to wrap up your sandwiches????"

As Good magazine say "if we're addicted to oil, our twelve-step program should begin with admitting that we have a problem."


Timmy Magic said...

The cling film thing is kind of true, but I guess our kids would ask why we drove the 5 minute walk to the shop to buy the cling film and brought it home in a plastic bag, of which you have a thousand under the sink.

They may also question why we didn't just teleport down there or use hovercars like they will soon...

lucy ar said...

Yes, true, true.
Tehy will also be questioning why we didn't use tin foil for fabulous outfits as they will too, undoubtedly. (according to my drawings when I was a youngster of the noughties, that is)