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So a bit has happened on the political landscape since I last blogged, eh.

Was alarmed once again by Don Brash’s unabashed racism- questioning the existence of Maori as an indigenous group! What the?! And some would have him as the next Prime Minster!

There is also a Bill at select committee calling for all reference to “the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi” in all government doco’s- legislation etc- to be removed. What the?! Of course the motives for it are complex but the fact is that to delete this term not only sends a terrible message to Maori, but will have very practical –and detrimental- implications for our fragile bicultural sprig.

Kiwi’s: write a submission! Email me if you want to join in a public demo on 20th October. (lucyandtim@gmail.com)

The Greens View

Maori MP View

Labours View


lucy AR said...

Sorry- you may have already noticed that the Greens View links to the Actual Bill. The writing "The Actual Bill" has dissapeared, and the link to "the Greens View" has also vanished-Crazy! AND I have edited it TWO TIMES and republished etc etc etc- but no changes! I have a cheeky link pixie i think.

Underdog said...

I take it the public demo would be in Auckland? What time of day are you talking?

lucy AR said...

Hey Richard!
Yeah AKL, but I am sure there would be something going on in WL.
I am thinking 2ish. But really want to work with Maori friends on this.Dont want to be the imperialist organiser! hehe.