The most fantastic book ever

Apart from the Bible. And David Copperfield. And maybe Velvet Elvis. And only a smattering of others.
Drum Roll...... My sister sent it to me. (Jo is the best).......more drumming
Change the World - Nine to Five
Its the sequel to Change the World for a Fiver. A project by this community group in East London who tackle social exclusion. The books are filled with 50 ways to change the world- environmentally and socially mostly . But the ideas really, really rock. And are roll around on the floor funny!

Like: Number 67
Share your lunch with someone- That's it really. A simple, good idea. As they say in the ads, it does exactly what t says on the tin.
Although if you are eating your lunch out of a tin, you may find a limited number of people willing to share it with you.
Cats, yes. People, less so.

Check it: http://wearewhatwedo.org/

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