Parihaka Day

Remember, Remember the 5th of November, gun powder, treason and plot, I see no reason why the 5th of November should be a time to celebrate an ancient pyromaniac from England when here in Aotearoa we have our own story to commemorate about a true freedom fighting hero...*

Parihaka- the epitomy of colonial injustice that took place in the shadow of the mighty maunga Taranaki. The perfect picture of peaceful resistance by faithful and God loving Maori. A time of heartbreaking rape and destruction filled with the stories of stoic heroism.
It is depressing that we neglect one of Aotearoas most poignant moments in history for the celebration of something most New Zealanders couldn't really careless about, they just like the twinkley sky explosives.

Come on, Kiwis. Claim 5th November for your own.

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*(Thats the opening sentence of an article I have written on Parihaka- you can read it on Firezone, on the left under features.)

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