Bookcrossing is radical

So yesterday I found some cool websites (Trying to find where I can buy Change the World for a Fiver) and I found out that you can buy an ozzy version here in NZ- how fabulous. But, the best thing was that this then led me onto discover Bookcrossing....

You finish a book that has inspired you, and instead of popping it back on the shelf you share the love with strangers! You just go and leave it in a park, a cafe, on the bus, any old place where someone might find it and adore it too. (With the Bookcrossing website you can register the book you set free and then check out where it has been picked up. Kind of like a message in a bottle.) The world is on it's way to becoming a giant library. I love it. It makes me smile. Free the books! We can give them a William Wallace moment without the blood. The very best books Im reading at the moment are from the Library (JK Baxters Poetry and The Fringes of Freedom) and I think Bev the Librarian might not truly understand things if I free those. (Why are all librarians called Bev?)

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