concrete pillow

No sleep. for too many nights. Concrete pillow, too many limbs to be placed in comfort, adrenaline courses through my veins, making my tummy tighten, my heart pound. My mind whirs with masterplans of all shapes and sizes, solving the issues of the universe.

Why is it when you are tired your body often acts in the opposite way to what it should- senses heighten....hyperactivity? I don't mind insomnia too much (apart from when I am actually lying in bed sleepless) during the day, I actually enjoy it. I think I come up with the best ideas when I am sleep deprived.. I find life a lot more joyous... I laugh at all sorts and seem to be a lot more observant, dwelling on small stuff, noticing irony, uniquity etc to a deeper degree.

Last night in my tired state I got hungry. So I made some toast. I got out the manuka honey a friend gave us from his bees which was all hard, so I dug my knife in to soften it. A little cute fly started bizzing (too tiny to buz) around the top of the jar, and with a quick dash, he landed right deep down in the middle of the goodness. I was listening to Norah Jones the time, and the second he landed her voice rang out "One Fly Doowwn". It cracked me up. It was such perfect timing, like on a music video. It got funnier when I dug him out and I saw that also attached to the little midge was one single bit of brocolli. You know how the stems are made up of stems which are made of stems? Well it was one of the last little stems. I don't know if he was just into brocolli and honey, together, like Americans are into peanuts and jam, or whether the brocolli was already in the honey jar. Man.. Life's big questions ay.

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