he is furious and enraged

Okay, so guess what. I think I got my first piece of hate mail...

It came in response to an advert for ILLUMINATE (see below) that appeared in a recent Salvation Army Magazine, the War Cry.

It was ever so hostile. Not a peep of love. Not even a hello or goodbye.

It said things about stuff I have written like "Material I have seen so far has been liberally sprinkled with bias and misleading statements, relying heavily on socialist slogans" and how
"As an employer of over 100 people in my business, which spans three continents (including two third world countries), I have some experience which might balance out the indoctrination of our young people into political agendas and work-shy attitudes."

I think he is worried that Illuminate is going to coerce our young people on to the dole and in to thinking that Jesus was a commy. (It isn't. But it hopefully might inspire young people to love and relate to people on the dole, and into thinking that Jesus was about justice and equality)

So. I'm not proud as such but I have a distinct sense that the first hatemail is a bit of a watershed moment.


timbo said...

was Jesus a commy?

Anonymous said...

Pardon my ignorance, but what is a commy?

Anonymous said...

I kept thinking 'comma', which is punctuation. D'uh. Someone in the computer suite just told me as I pushed 'publish', so no need to answer my question.

Luce, I don't employ anyone and I don't have a business at all, but I think the whole idea of illuminating social injustices in NZ and around the world, and particularly getting youth on board, is a fab idea.

You go, girlf!

lucy AR said...

Tim, I don't think Jesus was a commy. I think it is hard to be something before something exists? But then, God is outside of our time and space boundaries, so logistically perhaps he could have been a commy. But theologically I don't know if he would have been, seeing as they stamped out church, which um, Jesus created. But then, maybe that was because the church wasn't doing too splendid a job of being the church Jesus initiated... hmmm. Some principles of communism I am SURE jesus would have been totally down with like, "Wahoo, YEah! Sock it to the oppressive rich!". As they say "communism is Christianity without Christ".

Which it actually isn't. It is "ianity" not communism.

Crin, yeah, i'm dead certain Jesus wasnt a comma. It would have been funny if I had put comma instead of commy. Commy is yet another word that becomes riduculous the more you type it.

justin said...

i dont know heaps about communism but i know one of the founding ideas of Marx's communist theories was that the upper middle classes rise up against the ruling classes resulting in revolution...leading to a socialist style of government in which the power is with the common people rather than the elite

you could say that jesus probably came from the middle to upper classes, and rose up against the ruling elite which were the pharisees. He did aim for common people to have self-determination of their salvation rather than the ruling elite (pharisees) so perhaps jesus was a commy... A commy before the word came along... and he probably would get rid of our churches since they help to maintain the power structures with the elite classes...Marx i think was as prophetic as a cindy jacobs is today... do you think my sily thoughts are slightly on track

JoJo said...

I would love to know a little bit more about those companies working in the 'third world' and if he's ever spent any time with his employees there.
hey lu, you're like jesus inviting zaccheus to tea. wicked.

Tim said...

: ) Welcome to the club. We've got a very long and distinguished list of members, including, as I understand it, your parents! : )

matt said...

Hey Lucy, this type of feedback isn't good for anyone and shouldn't happen in the church - the sad thing is that it does.......a lot.

My hope is that every person who receives this sort of stuff is filled with more grace and more love and not worse off for it.

This stuff is never easy to receive - you're in my prayers.