A beautiful celebration

A friend sent me this clip today:

It is part of Doves Campaign for Real Beauty. The little cynic in me wants to scoff and say "wow its frightening what companies do for promotion" but! Today I stamp on zee cynics head. Because you know what? I think it is brave of Dove to fight the oppressive regime that creates our sense of beauty... young womens's identities, young men's expectations.

I think the advertising industry is full of giants commiting crimes against society. And Dove are choosing to pick up a pebble and sling shot. I admire that. Today I celebrate Dove.



JoJo said...

Fab. A magazine I bought the other day (I don't know why I ever do cos they just make me cross) is now offering a service where you can e-mail in a photo, pay a fiver and they'll photoshop you to make you look 'perfect.'
Having been fully photophobic (til my wedding when I just kind of got over it) I would have been totally sucked in by this and even now I still quite like the idea but I just think it's horrible and sad. I think we should offer a service where people send in their photos and we just tell them how beautiful they are.

lucy AR said...

Yes Yes! We should perform a coup on the magazines office! Tie up all the photoshoppers and then just go through the photos and write a message about their beautiful eyes and God modelled extravagence and send them all back! HURRAH!