highs n lows

It has been a wee while since I posted in a personal manner, I seem to be all poems and quotes and ranting. So, just feeling a bit, you know, cavalier and thought I might tell you about my day yesterday.

A high: Went and got a BBC Learn Spanish in a day C.D from the library for me and Tim to get all on to it for our trip to Peru and Bolivia. Hola Amigo. (Thats it at the moment.)
A Low: Had a big fine I had to pay. Rats.

A low: I have to send these posters around the country for our Justaction conference coming up. So I found this cheap place that cuts postal tubes to measure and I ordered hundreds of of them for my a3 poster to go in. The ends were too thick. The poster was too big. It didn't fit. No refund. Disaster. Silly, silly Lucy.
A High: My survival instinct kicked in andI popped posters in box and took them round the corner to a Copy Centre and asked them to chop off the edges. They did it for free. Hurray! Posters fit. Posters sent.

A high: Was feeling jubilantly exhilarated all day and at night time when someone mentioned how windy it had been today I realised why- the Wind. The wind is exciting! Whipping around freshening everyone up, and most of all it reminded me of Wellington. The city I love.
A Low: Auckland couldn't handle the pace, the Sky Tower bent over and had to be evacuated, our neighbours roof blew off, tree's smashed cars and sheds roamed freely across gardens, wheeley bins went wild over the roads.

A low: Tim had a crap day yesterday. It sucks seeing anyone down, let alone spouses, me thinks.
A high: To beat the blues, we got out a movie and popcorn and watched Papillon under the duvet. It was late and crazy cos I had had a meeting till late. We were feeling all reckless abandon.


timbo said...

wow what exciting happenings!!! Thanks for the comment... i love you!!

Anonymous said...

nice to hear more about the real lucy... poems and rantings alienate your public me thinks

Natalie said...

Hey Luc, so I'm in Auckland, arrived late saturday night and picked my friends up from the airport last night. They're two American girls who are moving here next year to start up a kind of hostel/community house, so are here for the week to just check out Auckland and stuff. If you're interested in hearing more about it and meeting them and all that kinda stuff, they're having a get-together tomorrow night...

Tuesday Nov 14, 2006
at 7:00 PM

Boardertown Skate Shop
16/10 Wellington St.
Howick, Auckland,
View Map

Come talk to us!

We want to get together and not only more clearly discuss the vision we have, but also hear any thoughts/ideas/etc. you might have. So, please come out and bring friends!

Check out www.myspace.com/kiwihouse for more about their mission.

Tim said...

I haven't heard anybody exclaim "rats!" in such a long, long time! : ) Thanks for that!