Poverty Sucks Cheesey Moth Balls

It is Eradicate Poverty Day! (Do you know the UN assert eradicating extreme poverty is possible? It's not nuts.)

Yesterday, at our Wellington Planning meeting a coup was performed and we Stood Up against poverty, the pledge was read amongst hearty Amens and there was a totally spontaneous Army Salute by everyone as we pledged to do our bit to give poverty the big goodbye. I was glad I made it - I missed my flight to Wellington- I have only done this once before, when I was coming out to New Zealand, thought I was flying from Gatwick, but it was Heathrow. Yesterday, I thought i was flying Air NZ, but it was Qantas. I am truly ridiculous. But anyway, made it in the end. Hurrah.

Beneath is a photo of the mighty White Band wrapped around Wellingtons Territorial Headquarters last night. It is absolutley ginormous. (That word is well hard to spell)

Got up really early this morning to hang up Tims Fantastic White Band he made yesterday. We went on a 5:30 mission this morning to hang it off a bridge on Dominion road. I wonder if blogging this will get us in trouble. Kind of seems silly to put it up undercover and then post about it on the internet. Oh well. If i dont blog for a while you will know where I'll be.

Then when I got to work I popped one over the door of DHQ on Queen Street. I feared for my life as I clambered up the door and on to the roof (it is really rather high you know) and I was so proud that I managed to get it up.... until the moment I hopped down to cast my eyes over my risky achievement. Then I realised that it just looks like a few scraggy bedsheets with scrawley felt tip pen on it, hanging on for dear life with brown sticky tape, not fitting the whole roof, decidedly lop sided. And. It doesn't just look like that. It is that. Wah. Poor Old Sign.

Anyway. If you didn't pick up on it..... We can eradicate poverty! Today is one particular day to make a bit of noise about it!!!


KJ said...

Loved the banner over THQ Lucy... I can just see you clambering around DHQ in an attempt to do the same there!

Never lose your zeal for injustice and social action. We need to keep it constantly in our focus and be constantly reminded to act.

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