seeking genuinity and a naked man with a holy bible

Last night we ate kipper for tea, and Tim laid the table nice with shells and candles. It was so romantic that we decided to go on an adventure to the movies. After ransacking our house in search of a 2 for 1 voucher we drove victoriously to the theatre. The only film to see was Capote, so see it we did. Man, what a movie. It impacted my soul...

Now, don't get me wrong I am the worst at trying to take spititual themes from films- I can never do it, I just like the entertainment, and then someone gets spiritual and Im thinking: Wow, was i watching a different flick??

But throughout this film I just felt So ashamed, of how Capote's use and abuse relationship with the death sentenced mexican so reflected my friendship with Christ and pseudo friendship with "those in need". I saw glimpses of myself in the things he did and said. He offered love until that love offerring got inconveniant. He sold his soul for his ambition and for the oohs and aahs of the crowds. As we walked out of the theatre we walked with heads down passed the street people... when I have been timetabled on to give them soup in the Army van, its been fine... but not now, not while we are trying to be romantic. We waved to the van as it drove passed us on their mission. We drove home, sharing our mutual bad Christianness, confessing times when we have silently slipped out of a friendship cos it stopped suiting us, and giving us that compassionate glow.... we were in full repentance mode.

When we got to our street there was a tall and skinny man wearing only navyblue undies- he looked strikingly like Spike from Notting Hill- standing in the middle of the road waving a Holy Bible at us. He wasn't a prophet, it turned out ,just a guy on drugs.

Thus last night became another step on this road searching for genuinity- for real love, deep, inconveniant friendship, integrated mission perspective. All of which I am decidedly rubbish at.

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