s'all good when He comes to the hood

Sweatshop free threads have bounced upon Aucklands shores in several large unglamorous cardboard boxes and we here at the youth department are now sporting some tres bon tee's, check us hot stuff out:
This is me on the left, Katie in the middle and Brenton on the right (he has that menswear look down alright!) We have 500 hundy of the darn things, and so far 30 (including all the bands and the team) registered for Easter- regos close today. Hehe. You gotta laugh. Hopefully they are all just late, not boycotting. So, um, if you want one, or have any friends/family/neighbours/colleagues/ people on the bus that might want to don one, they are availible for a mere $18 NZ smackerooneys.
God is good though ay, and even though we have a mere week and a half to get this Easter Revolution together, we are still frimly beleiving that God is gonna rock up and transform us through his Big Loving. Kia ora and Amen to that thanks!

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