The Singer and his starsong

Shiver my timbrels, I just bought The Singer trilogy, by Calvin Miller. Found it tucked away at this depressing little Christian 2ndhand shop. It is so very intensely beautiful. For those that haven't already been wooed it is an allergorical poem depicting Jesus, sin, creation etc. Jesus is (drumroll) The Singer, singing the starsong of love. I might pop a whole section up one time.... it is stirring stuff, thanks.
But also, at the start of each chapter there are these random little proverb type things. Here are two to tantalise:
"Oftentimes Love is so poorly packaged that when we have sold everything to buy it, we cry in finding all our substance gone and nothing in the tinsel and ribbon. Hate dresses well to please a buyer."
"Institutions have a poor safety record. The guillotines of orthodoxy keep a clean blade that is always honed for heresy. And somewhere near the place where witches die an unseen sign is posted where invisible letters clearly read: WE ARE PROUD TO REPORT 0 WORKING DAYS LOST TO INJURY OR ACCIDENT.- THE MANAGEMENT. Let us pray. "

Oh that last one makes me chuckle.

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