the wizard and the general

Just read an awesome article aout the Wizard of Oz, ok, about Leadership really, by Brian Mclaren Here he's discussing the idea of discarding the little man hiding behind a big powerful voice style of leadership, and embracing a seeker journeying with other seekers Dorothy style of leadership. Slightly more in depth than that - I really reccomend it for a good short read. He's lucid, that Brian! I think that so many other emergent writers can be incredibly waffley.... (Dont be put off that he was voted something like Americas top evangelist hehe)
I found that the article once again raised big time questions about the stlye of leadership the Salvation Army rewards, very much the "I know everything, and might enlighten you through being very authoritarian" type, rather than the servant model we have in Jesus. What do people reckon?

Have some exciting few days ahead- Off to a big planning day in Wellington with the social policy unit tomorrow, which will be interesting, and then whipping of to the beautiful Raurimu for a FUEL retreat, leading a session on Poverty and Trade, armed to the eyeballs with some fantastic Tearfund videos sent from my sister. Thanks Jo.


JoJo said...

I don't think authoritarian leadership is an army thing. You fully see it everywhere and I think it means that many awesomely annointed leaders have been sidelined cos they didn't fit a certain mode. I'm tempted to do a big comment about the gender gap in leadership and wonder if this fit's in here somewhere but at the moment I'm tempted to make everything a gender issue and I'm not sure where or if I need to draw the line! Is it a gender thing?

peter said...

Great analogy. Too many churches look to the mega church with all the lights and action. The great speaker that while he might not believe what he is saying, he certainly does a good job saying it. Dorth walked with the people. Befriended, helped, encouraged... all on the way to the promise land.

Awesome. Maybe I live in a box, or maybe its been too long since seeing the movie but I had never really thought of the connection.


KiwiBec said...

I understand where you're coming from Lucy...but do you think it's possible for authoritarian-type leaders to also be servant leaders? I wonder if too often we put those strong, dominant-type leaders into a box and exclude them because of their leadership style. I think there are examples of Jesus being pretty authoritarian at times...putting his disciples in their place, upturning the tables in the temple...and yet He is also our model of a servant leader. Maybe we need a variety of leaders in the Army in order for us to go forward? Anyway, just a couple of thoughts. And jojo...I'd be really interested to hear more of your thoughts on the gender gap in leadership: it's something I've been thinking a lot about this year.

lucy AR said...

Yep, Jo, you should read Danielle Stricklands rant in the latest JAC
It is just a quick (empassioned!) look at that exact thing specific to the Army thing.
Even politically, people say NZ is cutting edge gender wise, because of our female PM's. But these women leaders have allmale characteristics, and its as if they have only "made it" because they have adopted Authoritarian and Aggressive leadership models. I am not saying women aren't naturally this, some indeed are, more so than males, but our current situ is that there are some traits specific to femalehood that utterly compromise any natural leadership gifting/calling.

lucy AR said...

Hey Bec, yeah, I would agree that God has created everyone with different stylz and skillz, (hehe) and should be free to lead with and through them. But, as it stands, the Dorothy model/ or maybe female model?? as it stands has very little chance of really getting anywhere very far. I can think of some army leaders whome i observe often, who naturally would prefer to lead in a Dorothy style, but are required to act Wizardly in order to gain any respect.

KiwiBec said...

This is a really interesting discussion. I actually wrote an article about this very thing back at the beginning of the year. I was going to send it to the Officer mag but ended up not liking some of what I wrote and haven't got around to editing it. Blah blah. I totally agree with the gender thing. Women have particular gender gifts that they bring to leadership and many of these get squashed in male-dominated organisations, particularly those gifts that produce relational-based leadership. Maybe I should do that edit...it seems to be topical.