that little word as

Jesus says: "As my father sent me so I am sending you"
Newbigin says: “We have to remind ourselves again of the significance of the little word “as”. It is the manner in which the Father sent the son that determines the manner in which the church is sent by Jesus. It is mission governed by the manner of his. We are reminded again of the pattern as it is outlined for us in the four gospels. And lest the full meaning of that word “as” should be missed, he shows them his hands and his side. It was the scars in his risen body that assured the frightened disciples tat it really was jesus standing amongst them. It wil be those same scars in the corporate life of the church that will authenticate it as the indeed the body of Christ, the bearer of his mission, the presence of the kingdom. It will not be enough for the church to place a cross on top of the altar or on the robes of its clergy. The marks of the cross will have to be recognizable also in the lives of its members if the church is to be the authentic presence of the kingdom.”

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