The Tuesday Vestibule of Kudos

I just read an Urban Army post which highlights some blogging dangers/sins, of which, I must admit, in my pocket-sized experience of blogging I may be guilty of too many- aren’t I the worlds worst!!

In an effort to combat one particular of these, recognising that many thoughts that go through my head are super critical, ranty and cynical I am going to begin the Tuesday Vestibule of Kudos. (Okay, okay, yes I did just enter “Hall” and “Fame” into thesaurus.com) It is quite self explanatory (if indeed you pay a visit to thesaurus.com yourself, or thou art a person with a behemothic* vocab). Basically, it’s a tribute to someone who inspires me, and part of the process is me googling there names and putting a link up. Hehe. I am a bit sad aren’t I.
I will try to make livingness a criteria to start with (and move on to dead heros when I run out). Hmm, wonder if I need to get consent or something from people...Shivers, might look into it. Anyway:

Tuesday Vestibule of Kudos
Majors Sandy and Daryl Crowden. My corps officers. Although I have only been at Mt Albert a wee while, as have they, I truly appreciate their energy, down to earthness, and passion for justice and culturally relevant Jesus journey. They are kind of from Ozzy where they began an aboriginal church, but also from Scotland and India (!) Last week Daryl emailed and said “Hey, Fair Trade fortnights coming up, we should do something at church about it” – I was so stoked, seeing as I was about to approach him about the same thing. It is so rad having C.O’s who are clicked on to the scene about them, and see church as a place for action. Amen and hallelujah. We also had a cool meeting on Sunday, interactive and creative, and I got to play with plasticine.

Easter is approaching so very fast (A bit like me on the bargain bike I just bought from Trade Me) and things are suddenly falling into place, but also out of place too, (i.e, finally found caterers, but have hardly any registered whom the caterers can feed) which is freaking Brenton and I out quite decidedly! But, we both feel so so strongly that God is good and faithful, and wants to challenge our young people towards action, wants to turn the focus of our corps outward, and we hope that God might move us in this stuff this next week. ARGH next week? ??!! wowza

*Word of the day: Behemothic = Huge


KJ said...

Wow! Am completely enamoured (got that one off one of NZ's brainiest children!) with the new words Lucy! I don't think I ever actually wandered up and introduced myself when I saw you around BCM last year but hi! Your mum and I had some great chats as I went through the whole application process - I would love to have gone through College during her time.

I saw that blog list just the other day as well. It's on the Urban Army website. Was convicted on a few points myself!

Aye-ya-yaye! - is there anyone else out there that feels like they spend half their life on their knees repenting!!

Our Easter Camp is shaping up the same down here (Chch)- I think our regos total 10!!... will keep you in mind as we keep checking in with God on it all!

lucy AR said...

chur chur karen, yes, it will be great to meet one day. My mum is fab- she's gonna make it into Tuesday Vestibule of Kudos one day, Im sure. Hope Easter goes off for down there, and we will pray for you guys too.

Ukiewookie said...

Hey Kuz gr8 blog, YEAH - Easta Camp will ROCK and it will be CHOICE to see an army of young people just hungry and challenge to take back what the devil has stolen, namely out streets, our city and our country and oh yeah, our music.

I think we all need to set out eyes on the things outside of our 4 walls otherwise we'll just become like those chimps you see at the zoo, stuck in their own little wee comfortable world when just through the glass awaits a world full of adventure.

Catch ya at work Kuz