whats with me, tim, floods and our house? we have lived there for a mere 8 weeks or something and last night experienced out THIRD yes THIRD flood! The first one was my fault, forgot to put our washing machine hose in the sink, so it just poured everywhere, but we rescued it in time. The second was rain through our roof which was the roofereirs fault. But last night we had just settled down to watch Modokai (or something like that- trying desperatly to find a film for the campers to watch on Saturday thats with the theme.) Decided we wanted some home made ginger beer (tim has a brewery) so hop on up and HEllo? WHat is this 5 inch pool of water doing throughout our house??!! A little plastic thing had snapped and the pipe went mental spewing water out all over our whole little house!!! We spent the next hour scooping it out with ice cream cartons (Lucky we are into our ice cream)- so whose fault is that then ay! Shivers, how ironic, without adoubt the busiest week I have had at least for about three or four years! Thats why i have dropped of the blog radar as far as posting goes i guess). Tim was really crosswith the little plastic screw but i wasn't even a bit annoyed, i just thought it was soooo funny, how this was the very very last thing we needed. and i really kept chuckling as we were working away. I think that made tim bit more mad. Usually I'd be spitting tacks ay, but I think secretly i was just soooooooo releived that it wasn't my fault (these thing usually are cos i am mrs clumsy and mad).
Anyway we gave up and started watching the film again, on the laptop, no t.v.
THere is still water everywhere, right the way through our carpets. Luckily our house is only about 2 sqm big, so it shouldnt take too long to dry, and at least we are away the whole of easter.
And Easter Revolution starts tonight! ARGH! I am VERY excited. But really praying it doesn't rain (pretty much EVERYTHING is outside, wahh!) and desperatley hoping we haven't overlooked something huge! (Like an entire day- have this dream where we wake up in btween saturday and sunday and its blifigday which has snuck in, and we have no plans for the campers)
Yes, so just wanted to say HAPPY EASTER. Really hope this year is significant in your journey of trying to understand the depth of what Jesus has done for us all. Its so easy to tke it for granted. It is so radical that he just loves us that much. Praise the lord ay! WAHHOOOO


Fiona said...

I love unfortunate laugher

Fiona said...
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Sarvesh said...

Good Stuffs and Thanks for Sharing.