ridiculous statistics and missing prophets

we had a stark wake up call this morning at exactly 4 o clock when both us realised (in our sleep) that we had just missed our slot in the 24/7 prayer room down at church. I am sure it is meant to happen 5 minutes before your due? You know? Wake up at 1:55 and then its like "wow, we nearly missed our slot but the Lord woke us up" rather than "Oh. rats. we just missed it"
It was kind of good though as a few weeks prior I had been haughtily sharing how I thought it was such a cop out that people don't go down to the prayer room or fill in all the slots anymore... wah! After mine and Tims sleep in this morning we joined the throng crying "well... God is outside of time and space" hehe.
This morning kicked off with an Officers Fellowship Breakfast, I presented FairTrade to them- its the first day of Fair Trade Fortnight- people were into it, took the resources etc. So that is exciting. When I stand up there though and say stuff like "The existing rigged trade rules rob developing countries of 1.3 billion a day- 14 times more than they receive in aid" I feel like a conspiracy theorist, like I have lost my mind because it is such a ridiculous statistic. But the sad thing about that is that these magnificently impressive stats are all true.
I am aware that now the Fair Trade ball is rolling here it is really time to get more serious- FT is an incredibley significant first step but there has to be ways to tackle the structural issues (World Bank, WTO etc) but do you think it is the Army's place? I am sure Booth would be right into this. I am reading a good book: A peoples world, by John Madeley. About economic globalisation and the desperate need for alternatives to the current system.
There is a cool quote (for a PM) in there by Blair
"the radical decision is usually the right one. The right one is usually the hard one"
I have been inspired by the prophets today (spent the avo at the theological college which does that kind of think to you ay)- particuarly Ezekiel... how they challenged corrupt power and domination, recognizing the need for restoration and liberation. They were so brave. Where are these prophets today? The challengers more often than not exist outside of a relationship with Jesus... which is weird and sad and screwed.

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