Crime, Crucifixion and the Forgotten Art of Lament

Just read a wicked article by kiwi bible scholar Chris Marshall, who does some awesome justice theology. It discusses the nature of lament, and our lack of it, using Jesus's lament on the cross. He speaks specifically about crime and restorative justice, which is also what the social policy units latest (and greatest?) report is on, which you can read here, along with our other ones.
Here's a snippet from Chris:
"When Jesus laments the virulence of evil, he doesn't do so from a safe distance. He does not stand on the sidelines bemoaning how terrible things are. Instead he suffers with us as he actively takes up for us the struggle against evil. He gives his lifeblood to defeat the power of sin, to heal its victims and to reconcile its perpetrators to God.
If we are to join with Jesus in lamenting the impact of evil, we must also join with him in working to overcome evil. And we must do so in the same way Jesus did, not by deploying coercive power to wipe out evildoers but by trusting in the power of reconciling love to restore relationships and to make things new."

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