an abundance of o's and a cubbyhole

has anyone ever taken note of the amount of songs in the salvation army song book that begin with "o". you should really check out the index sometime its quite mind-boggling. the song book is on lotus notes too! we are blessed.
o- and tim told me that he thinks vestibule means "cubbyhole" which is decidedly different to "hall" isn't. But then it might be rather more appropriate in this case, while there is only two sitting in it.
also, I have been challenged latley about how easy it is in these largely paperpushing "motivational" jobs, like at DHQ, to become all talk. and talk is cheap, right?
Or all tuhituhi (write, in Maori) as may be more the case when your blogging, hehe.

Here, let me share the end of a James K Baxter poem with you:

When we share our fags and blankets Christ begins to shine
Our flesh becomes the bread; Our blood becomes the wine
I am cowshit in the garden So that the crops can grow
Ko Ihu taku wai, The Lord is my drink
Ko Ihu taku kai, The Lord is my food
Ko Ihu taku moni, The lord is my bank account
Ko Ihu taku mana, The Lord is my good name
Ko Ihu taku aroha, The Lord is my heart
Ko Ihu taku mate, The Lord is my death pain.
To be a dead goat That the flies gather on
The sun in his mercy Can make the teeth shine.
Even our sins are His Let the new pain begin.


Ukiewookie said...

The Songbook is also useful as a paper weight too and it helps hold me desk up straight also moahahaha

lucy AR said...

hehe. yeah, but I actually love the majority of songs in the song book ay. I was genuinely looking up o boundless salvation when i discoverd all those O songs- I reckon we need more songs like those golden oldies, real battle crys.

vkk1_hypno said...

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